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The Edge Comedy Show is Chicagoland’s most prolific independent stand-up comedy showcase and since 2001 has been seen in over 1,000 times in 3 states, 20 cities, 60 venues, and by over 25,000 people.

In recent years stand-up comedy in clubs and on TV has been boiled down to the lowest common denominator and has become fairly bland. The Edge has been breathing new life into the stand-up scene for over 5 years. In the tradition of Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Lenny Bruce and other landscape changing comics, The Edge encourages no-holds-barred comedy.

The Edge Comedy Show promotes the HBO style of comedy; intelligent, poignant, hard hitting, meaningful, and intensely funny. Although most acts come with an PG-13 or R rating, you won’t hear much filthy or sexual material, because for the most part everyone has something more important to say.

The Edge currently has over 200 stand-up comedians from Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, New York, Los Angeles, and the rest of the US performing in its ranks. Some of our performers have been seen on HBO, NBC, Showtime, BET, Def Comedy Jam, BBC, CBS, Comedy Central, WGN, and more. Full showcases are available in a variety of formats for special events or weekly shows. Individual performers are also available for private parties and events.

We have an email list of over 5,000 people in Chicagoland as well as listings in every major Chicago area events website and newspaper. We will also provide you with promotional flyers, posters, and tickets if needed.

All of our comics make themselves available for radio or newspaper interviews to help promote the shows. For private parties and events, special requests can be met and customized material can be prepared.

We are dedicated to providing a quality, professional, entertainment product and keeping audiences and venues happy.

Shows can be booked out up to a year in advance, or last minute depending on what your specific needs are.

Rates vary from show to show. Location, line-ups, budget, and many other factors go into the final quote so after receiving the answers to a few basic questions by phone or email an accurate quote can be given.

The Edge Comedy Shows are available in a variety of formats. With so many comics to choose from we can customize any show to suit your specific needs and audience.

A standard showcase will consist of a host, a middle act, and a headliner and last approximately an hour and a half. Shows come with a PG-13 or an R rating at your request.

Just a few of the specialty shows that we offer:

The Chicago Stand-Up Comedy Tour consists of some of the best comics in Chicago, that often work together and have a good rapport. Because all the performers are friends, and familiar with each others acts, they play off each other to make it a very unique comedy experience.

The Ha-Ha-Hotties Comedy Experience is a unique showcase of all female stand-ups. Perfect for bars, clubs, office, bachelorette, or birthday parties.

The Young Punks Comedy showcase was originally created to give many of the underage comics that frequented Pressure's open mic a stage to perform on, but the talent and roster have grown so large,, that they now have their own series of shows. Quite possibly the nations youngest group of touring comic, most of it's member are under the age of 21. A great show for coffeeshops, colleges, and theaters that want to attract a younger audience.

The Blue Stater Comedy Tour is the largest scale show Edge Comedy produces, featuring comics that are intelligent, well educated, and not afraid to let their opinions about the nations current political situation come across in their acts. Current members of the Blue Staer Comedy tour are Tom Simmons, Steve Hofstetter, Dave Odd and Prescott Tolk. Perfect for college towns or big city audiences. It's like The Blue Collar Tour for people who can read.

For additional information or a quote please contact Dave Odd;

Just some of the folks that will vouch for the success of Edge Comedy Shows.

Wahib Merchant and/or James Tillipaugh
Owner & Manager
Pressure Café, Chicago •773-743-7665

Dave Miller- Owner
Kitty Moon, Chicago •773-856-6667

Phil Tadros- Owner
Chase Café, Chicago •708-655-6753

For additional information or rates please contact Dave Odd 847-409-8623