New Edge Comedy Boot Camp will be starting Wednesday July 11th 2007 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm and will be held at the Chicago Center for the Performing Arts, 777 N. Green Street, at Halsted and Chicago Ave. in downtown Chicago. Classes will be immediatley followed by an open mic at 8:30 (and students get to choose when they want to go up).

There are 8 classes per semester, classes will be on 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1, 8/8, 8/15, 8/22, and 8/29. There will also be a graduation showcase after the classes are completed, either at the Chicago Center or one of the other various venues Edge Comedy has shows.

Tuition is $200, which can be paid up front, or in two $100 payments. Any student that goes through the entire course and graduates is guaranteed tuition reimbursement through bookings. So basically there is really no risk, unless you puss out.

Classes will focus on nearly every aspect of becoming a professional paid comedian, from writing and punching up material, to how to get booked, to how to conduct yourself in a club setting. The first hour of the class will be dedicated to the topics of that particular session with Q & A sessions, and the last half hour will be dedicated to presenting and workshopping new material and writing excercises. Professional touring comedians will also be guest speakers and answer your questions for a few sessions.

If you want to get in on this class, please let me know right now if you are down for it or not, space is limited. You don't have to make a tuition payment until the first class. Just let me know now if you want a spot reserved in the class for you.

Call Dave Odd for more info at 847-409-8623 or email

Here is what the first group of students had to say about the class.

The class is packed with business information that I would hate to have to figure out myself.  Booking, agents, venues, promo packs - I'd rather someone tell me about it than have to experiment to find out.  The class gives you that information before you even need it.

The best part of the class is the interaction with other comics.  Seeing their styles, watching how they write, and hearing their thoughts on my own material was invaluable as a starting stand-up.  I met some people who will go far in comedy and I'm hoping that I'll go with them.

- Adam Briner

Dave's class taught me everything I feel like I need to know about how to manage and promote myself as a comic, and from a guy who knows what he's talking about. I would recommend his class to anyone new to comedy.

- Bryce Wissel

I rather enjoyed the class. There was much comiserating and comraderie
among us would-be comics and I found the lessons both informative and
helpful on a few different levels.

- Michael Sanchez

The Boot Camp was tough. Dave made us write jokes!?! We had to perform the first day! We had to go to Open Mics! I nearly pee'd in my pants... C'mon people, its stand up. He's got tons of experience. He was completely helpful and it's a great way to start if you're interested.

- Jonathan Jones

I really did look foward to it every Wednesday evening.  I felt like the class was well suited for the person who is serious about making a living at stand-up comedy.  You gave some good pointers, tricks, and inside info on the workings of standup comedy as well as how to promote yourself and what a comic needs which I think is often neglected.  It was not a class where you'd write the jokes for the students but rather gave a good environment where people's creativity could flourish and grow.  I enjoyed the workshopping and the writing exercises, most enjoyable and helpful.....In spite of your smugness you're a good teacher haha.  Good shit Dave.  Now hire my ass.  I bet you can't wait until I become famous and tell people that Mike Joyce took your comedy class, so you should get a little excited about that.  Haha I'm having fun over here. 
- Michael Joyce

I thought your class fucking rocked.... the class we had were I got on stage with a banana was the most insightfull events ever. Everyone agreed that my joke wasn't funny, but my explanation of it was.... that changed my entire out look on stand up.
I have to say, 4 months ago I was only thinking about getting back into the entertainment (My Band was the last time I did any thing in the entertainment business) in the last 4 months I have done this:
an extra on the movie the express
lead role in a comedic viral commercial for down town marketing firm.
I will be playing the lead role in a student film this coming week
i will be playing the lead role in an independent film.
I have performed stand up in front of large audiences
I am building a web site right now
I am waiting to do a call back for a real deal tv pilot (i guess it is faith based, which makes me nerves)
I am waiting to do a call back for another student film

Your class gave me the confidence, networking, and ground work for all of the things I have and will accomplish, and I would recommend your class to anyone.

- Don Phillips