Here is some information on just a few of Edge Comedy's regular performers.

Comics! Want to be part of The Edge Comedy Show? We are always looking for and encouraging new comics. If you are passing through Chicago, moving here, or just starting out...we can help you get the stage time you deserve. Just call Dave Odd at 847-409-8623 or email him at .


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Mark "The Knife" Faje has been dubbed The World's Most Dangerous Comic. Juggling chainsaws, circular saws, knives, fire...even balancing a running lawnmower on his chin while produce is chucked into it, not much is off limits for this guy. He has appeared on David Letterman's show 3 times, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Comedy Central, and most recently on America's Got Talent. Seriously entertaining and funny.

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Augmented by serious musicianship, Nice Peter's hysterical original acoustic pop songs are a terrific change of pace for any modern music lover. Trained at the Improv Olympic in Chicago, lead singer Pete Shukoff brings his improv comedy experience to the rock and roll stage. He has opened for Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, the Gin Blossoms, Dennis Miller, Blues Traveller and has toured across the US, UK, Germany, and Holland.

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Born and raised around Chicago, Dan Polydoris spent his childhood doing anything from making movies to scribbling down comic strips. After getting knocked down by a pitch in little league, Dan realized he wanted to be a performer instead of an athlete. He spent some years chasing his rock-star dreams, yet couldn't shake his desire to make people laugh. He studied improv at the Second City for a year, but decided that stand-up comedy was his true calling. His natural talent for entertaining crowds has quickly made him one of the citys favorite comics.

Mike Bridenstine is a Chicago based stand-up comedian/writer/blogger/filmmaker originally from Iowa. His comedy is a mixture of observations, personal stories and a mockery of pop culture. Mike has performed at showcases, clubs and colleges throughout the country, including Loyola University, the University of Northern Iowa, the University of Iowa, the U.S.O., Rififi in New York City and Zanies Comedy Club and the Improv Comedy Club in Chicago. His stand-up has also been seen on Fox News Chicago. Mike is also a staff writer for the daily comedy site, You can see Mike perform regularly at such Chicago independent staples as the Lincoln Lodge, the Elevated, Edge Comedy and as a cast member for Chicago Underground Comedy.

Bradley Fojas is a standup comedian/comedic writer from Chicago. He's very entertaining. He's much more entertaining than his bio. He has the look, charm, and charisma of a 13-year-old sweatshop worker. His adorable nature on stage has made him a favorite of numerous beautiful single women that just want to be friends. He was the winner of the first ever 8-bit Entertainment Comedy Thyme Laugh Off and a semifinalist in the "Wendy's Comedy Challenge" nationwide talent search. Please pay money to see him perform.

A tragic fascination with observation, concise communication and sarcasm led Jeb to Comedy. Previously, he hiked every mountain range in the country, worked with youth at risk, and fended off bears. Love of satire (and lack of wilderness comedy clubs) brought him to Chicago. He has since directed and written multiple revues and performed in hundreds of stand-up comedy shows. Inspired by the work ethic of Walter Payton, Jeb performs an average of 50 sets per month. TimeOut Chicago says: "Cadwell's got the talent to match his drive. His material is intelligent and complex, delivered with a sarcastic drawl for an effect that conjures Steve Martin and Owen Wilson."

At first glance, Mike Cody looks more like a college professor than a comedian. But his bookish appearance is shattered the moment he launches into his act, a non-stop barrage of dark punchlines and quirky observations from one of the most unique young voices in comedy. Mike’s original, energetic material has made him a favorite at comedy clubs and rock venues around the Midwest. Mike has also won several comedy competitions, most notably the Cincinnati division of the 2005 Sierra Mist “Next Great Comic” contest.


Eliot Rahal exploded onto the stand up comedy scene in January of 2006 and with a dynamic personality, boyish face, and low self esteem he. Has given the audience something else to both laugh and look at. Writer, film maker, comedian, this man child has no intent of stopping to pursue what the plebs would call “normal desire”. Produced from the loins of the most fertile of bulls and birthed from a leopard, Eliot Rahal has been known to write poetry, love, and wrestle bears in his free time.

Cameron is a newcomer to the Chicago scene. She cut her chops as a cast member at the ImprovBoston and Improv Asylum theaters in Massachusetts, and now produces and hosts The Spectacular Show at the Gorilla Tango Theater in Bucktown. She is also the newest member of Edge Comedy's Ha-Ha-Hotties all female comedy tour.

Lauren is regularly seen at The Chicago Improv and Zanies, and has performed at Gotham Comedy Club in New York as well as numerous other clubs across the Midwest. She is the host of Chicago NBC's, and guest contributor for the comedy site, and has appeared in
national campaigns for KFC and Quaker Oats. She is also a professional voice over actress, heard on TV and radio commercials for countless clients over
the years. She is a proud member of AEA, SAG, and AFTRA.

As the reigning alt-comedy superstar of Chicago's North Side, ROBERT BUSCEMI has won massive critical acclaim. The Tribune says they "can't say enough about Buscemi. He's daring and fearless, and could easily be the next big Chicago comedian." Time Out Chicago calls him "one of the best alternative comics in town." says Buscemi is "the Grandmaster of Independent Comedy in Chicago." And prophesies that "As one of the most inventive comics in the Chicago underground stand-up scene, Robert Buscemi is poised for stardom." An accomplished stage actor and SAG member, Buscemi has also appeared in many hilarious commercials.

Chicago comedian Mike Wiley stands on the pinnacle of innovation, blending absurdly witty observational humor with hardcore gothic death metal. Not really but he does have some wicked cool posters. Wiley has been described as a love child between Stephen Hawking and an episode of "Mama's Family". The Robinson's and Goldstien's, Mike's neighbors and either side of him, describe him simply as the boy next door. Still others believe Mike Wiley is actually a culmination of billions of dust mites who have taken human form. Whatever you see him to be one thing is for certain; Mike Wiley causes joyous noises from your feeding holes.

Mike Lee is a Chicago Comic by way of the Washington D.C. area. After performing as a featuring act in various clubs throughout Baltimore, Virginia and D.C. ; Mike packed up and moved to Chicago. Mike has been infecting the ear drums of plenty eversince with his variety of songs and jokes. Always a crowd favorite and always full of energy, Mike is a welcomed addition to the Chicago Stand-up scene.

Seth Thomas is comic. Seth Thomas is a rapper. Seth Thomas is colored. Originally from Oakland, California, Seth Thomas is currently living and performing comedy and music in Chicago, IL. Seth Thomas is a product of the Theater Department at Clark Atlanta University. Seth Thomas used to be in the comedy duo the Defiant Thomas Brother that won Best Sketch Group honors at the prestigious 2005 HBO Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. Seth Thomas can be seen performing comedy around Chicago. Seth Thomas along with producer friend REPO have formed a hip hop duo REPO and Seth Thomas. Seth Thomas invites you to download the album SOUTHSTYLE patna music at

Michael Palascak (Pal-a-sack) is a young comedian from the Midwest with a good head on his shoulders and strong American values in his soul. From a very young age, Michael had sarcasm in his heart and loud voices in his head. He had the voices until a slight head injury during an intramural flag football game at college. With the voices silenced, he decided to forgo his pursuit of professional intramural flag football and settle for the more head-safe career choice of comedian. Michael has been called "relentlessly goofy" and "silly but smart" by his faithful fans. In his free time, Michael watches TV and compliments his mother on her cooking. He dedicates his entire career to his late orange and black goldfish named Tiger that did flips whenever its favorite TV show came on. Michael swears Tiger did a flip, at least once. Whatever.

T.J. is widely regarded as one of the best and most versatile stand-up comics in Chicago. He is also a gifted improvisor and actor, appearing in a variety of national ad campaigns and a cast member of Second City's Tourco. T.J. never has teh same set twice and is alwys playful and off the cuff on stage. He is the comic that other comics just have to watch.

David Angelo is one of the most versitile comics in the country.  Whether it be a straight club act, a powerpoint presentation, a character, a short film, or a political rant - his performances are always well thought out. Now based in Chicago David was a star of the DC Comedy scene (both stand-up and improv)  before relocating several years ago.

A recent arrival to the Chicago comedy scene, Tony Blanco mostly scours the late night open mic rooms to feed his hunger for attention and approval. He can occasionally be seen in a few of the lower budget Chicago showcase rooms plying his trade or sitting quietly in the back doing a crossword puzzle. Some deem his performing style as "wacky," others as "tragic." All in all, Tony can be described as a fun filled performer most of the family can enjoy.

If you're like Johnny Beehner, then you're 6'5" and fascinated by how compasses work.  Johnny's clean and clever style of humor has entertained audiences across the country for years.  Targeting primarily himself as the butt of his jokes, you can't help but laugh. Johnny has been described as being silly,smart,hilarious,and even tall! Johnny started his comedy career putting on his own shows during his college years.  He spent the summers between the school years pounding the pavement in the comedy world in New York, and then Los Angeles.  He is currently traveling the country proudly telling thousands of complete strangers what an idiot he is and explaining exactly why that is. With a strong background in improvisational theater throughout all of college, including training at Chicago's prestigious Second City, Johnny brings a very unique show to the stage.  He was a finalist in the Chicago chapter of NBC's Last Comic Standing in the second season.  He has also performed comedy at Milwaukee's Summerfest, the world's largest music festival.

John Springsteen was born the son of an illiterate preacher. He grew up in a log cabin where he taught himself how to read and practice law. He went on to earn three Nobel Prizes for his work in sub-atomic animal hygiene, not to mention a nomination for the CY Young award. He tried his hand as a clerk, a window dresser, a butcher, a baker, and asbestos removal. One moon filled October night when the stars were aligned he was reborn as a comedian. John Springsteen began performing comedy professionally in the year 2000. He worked his way on to the scene, in his hometown Chicago, doing stand up at places like Zanies Comedy Club, The Mid-Night Bible School, The Lincoln Lodge, and the Elevated, while training at the famed Second City Conservatory. In 2002 he moved to New York City where he graced the stages of renowned clubs such as Gotham Comedy Club, Stand Up New York, even winning a standing ovation at the New Class Clowns show at Caroline's. He has been showcased on shows with Mitch Hedberg, Dave Attell, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman, and Jim Gaffigan. John honed his act and created his beloved one-man show B.A.M.S. an American Saga, which ran at the Tank Theater on 42nd Street. John has stared in numerous short films.

Jeremy Schaefer first stepped up to the mic in London, England at the same time that the first bombs of the Iraq War were dropped.  Oddly enough he did not bomb.  He killed.  He worked a handful of rooms in the UK before bringing his edgy, storytelling, occasionally endearing and occasionally offensive style home to Chicago.  He's been stepping up to the mic every chance he gets ever since.

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